Russian Girl Came To India, To Marry A Boy In Haryana. This Is What Happened With Her….

There’s an old saying “Everything is fair in love and war”. A man can do anything for love. People do not hesitate to end their own lives, and sometimes even kill or harm others. Love becomes the world for them, and they’re ready to fight the world to get their love. Love is also said to know no boundaries, be it those of caste, religion, race, physical appearance, social status, financial status or nationality.

However, in real life there are very few cases, where these boundaries are crossed by people who love each other. One such case has emerged from Haryana, where love crossed the boundaries of nation, and united two souls who were living on different sides of their respective country’s borders. Even after coming to know about it, people find it hard to believe, that someone can really do this for love, in real life.

The story goes as follows. A Russian girl and a boy from a remote village in Haryana had befriended each other, through a social networking website, and after talking to each other for a few days, they expressed their love to each other. According to reports, the girl who was living in Russia, flew down to India, with the intention to marry the boy. What happened after this, was simply amazing.

The news began to spread like wildfire, and many people got to know about this love story, when their pictures started appearing on social media. Ramesh, a resident of a village Haryana, made friends with the Russian girl, on the popular social media website Facebook. Both talked to each other and friendship gradually turned into love. One day, the Russian girl decided to come to India, leaving her family back home.

She came and rushed to Ramesh’s village, and met him. After initially refusing, he agreed and both of them got married according to Hindu rituals. The girl has decided to stay back in India. Their marriage has been a subject of excitement and discussion among the locals. What surprises most people, is a fact that the Russian girl is quite wealthy and educated, whereas Ramesh is just an intermediate, and belongs to a poor family.

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