Sports Bike Worth 22 Lakhs, Protective Riding Gear Worth 50,000, Smooth Road, But Biker Dies In Accident!

He was riding his super bike, on the smoothest and widest road of Jaipur. It was 10 o’clock on a cold winter night and the road had no other vehicle on it. He decided to accelerate and reached 0-100 Kph (Kilometer Per Hour) of speed in just 2.6 seconds. But suddenly, he was forced to press the brakes, and there was chaos all over the place. To save 2 men, who came in front of his bike out of nowhere, he had met with a fatal accident.

The accident happened in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur, where biker – a young man Rohit Singh Shekhawat, skidded and got dragged along with his 22 Lakh power bike, wearing a helmet worth 16 thousand rupees and riding gear worth over 30 thousand rupees. But even the world class protective gear could not save his life. In fact, in a shocking twist to the story, the doctors have claimed, that the helmet worn for safety, became the reason for his death!

It is being said that due to the mishap, Rohit suffered brain hemorrhage and continued lying on the road in trauma and distress. Passer-bys tried to open his helmet to help him, but were unable to do so, as they weren’t able to understand how to do it. Due to this reason, the blood oozing out from Rohit’s nose and mouth, went into his lungs, and got frozen there. After failing to open the helmet, people took him to the nearby Jaipuria hospital.

Upon seeing Rohit’s condition, the doctors decided to cut the helmet’s strap in order to open it. They managed to remove the helmet, but Rohit could not be saved. The online price of AGVs 3 Series helmet, which Rohit was wearing, is $ 250. It comes to around 16 thousand Indian rupees. Everyone who got to know about his death, was understandably shocked, as he used to behave quite responsibly while riding.

Akhilesh – one of the 2 men who came in front of Rohit’s bike, also got injured in the accident. His father has filed a case in Jawahar Circle police station. The only son of his parents, Rohit worked as a Sales Manager in Jaguar. He had recently bought the bike – a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R from Delhi. He was married 3 years ago, and had a one and a half years old son. TheYouth appeals to every biker, to ride such sports bikes with caution.

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