World’s First Restaurant Serving Human Meat, Opens In Japan

Cannibalism has always existed, ever since the human beings came into existence on this planet. The stories of Japanese soldiers eating their enemies, during the second world war (1939-1945) have been heard by many of us. As it should be, cannibalism has been declared as illegal in most of the countries, governed by civil laws. Most of us would consider it as beastly behavior.

However, in a recent and shocking development, the Japanese city of Tokyo saw the opening of the first restaurant in the world, that legally serves a dish consisting of ‘Human Meat’ as an ingredient. The restaurant named “The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin” which translates to “Edible Brother” in english, was opened for its potential customers from Japan and the world over, to come and dine in.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu with dishes priced between a 100 to 1,000 US Dollars. But the dish with human flesh, is the costliest, at around 1,193 US Dollars. Various global news agencies have reports claiming that an Argentinean man who was in Japan as a tourist, was their first customer who ordered and ate the dish, made from human flesh.

When asked about his experience of eating the dish, the Argentinean tourist said, “It seemed to me like I was eating pork. They cook the meat with such strong and peculiar spices here in this restaurant, that the taste almost goes unnoticed.” In 2014 a law was passed in Japan, making consumption of human flesh legal, provided the sanitation and hygiene of such meat and its body of origin.

For its supply of meat, the restaurant offers an amount of 35,799 US Dollars. People who die young are eligible for the contract, under which they’re given a special diet, so that their meat gets fit enough to be cooked and eaten, and ‘taste’ better. The Youth thinks that this restaurant and cannibalism as a dietary behavior, have no place in today’s civilized world.

(Disclaimer: The mainstream media has not reported this news yet. The Source of our information is some fairly popular websites. The Youth does not verify the authenticity of the information given above) 

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