Top 10 Reasons For Deaths Of People In India!

Many people have a fear or phobia for reasons which can get them killed. Some of them are genuine, while others are simply apprehensions.  For eg. the fear of dying in a plane crash is not rational, as there’s only 0.00001% probability of deaths due to this. Similarly, probability of dying during medical care is just 0.0033%. Compared to this, unhealthy eating habits cause around 20% of all deaths in the world!

According to a research by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metric and Evaluation, which has used the annual ‘Global Disease Burden’ (GDB) data for 2016, following are the top 10 factors behind all the deaths in India:

1) Heart Related Ailments or Cardiac Problems

Heart related ailments are the ‘Number 1’ reason behind all the deaths In India, for more than 20 years now. Due to eating unhealthy food, more and more people are getting high blood pressure, and cholesterol which causes blockage of arteries, etc. Lack of physical activity, obesity and smoking also invite problems for the heart.

2) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD along with pulmonary hypertension, occupational and interstitial lung disease, are reasons for irrepairable harm to the lungs and other parts of respiratory system, reducing ability to breathe. Most COPD related problems are incurable, however expansion of the main air pipes and shortening of breath helps. Smoke, smoggy air, chemicals, dust particles and respiratory infections damage lungs, cause many deaths in India.

3) Diarrhoea

Between 8 Lakh to 10 Lakh Indian children under 5 years of age die due to diarrhoea in India in just 1 year! 9 Lakh children were admitted in hospitals, while 3,27,000 children visited clinics and nursing homes. However, since the inclusion of ‘Rotavirus vaccination’ in PM Modi’s flagship ‘Mission Indradhanush’ in 2016, the number of deaths has reduced remarkably.

4) Paralytic Stroke Or Brain Attack

The paralytic stroke was on number 6 among the causes of deaths in India in 2005. It has now moved up to number 4. Reasons behind stroke and related cerebrovascular problems, are similar to those, which cause cardiac problems. However, a brain stroke can not just kill, it can even cause severe physical and mental disability.

5) Infections In Respiratory Organs

Infections in respiratory organs like pneumonia, lung abscess and acute bronchitis were earlier at number 4, but have dropped to number 5 due to better diagnosis and healthcare. The elderly and those already having infections like flu, are at greater risk. Getting breaks in breath, weakness, fever, coughing and fatigue for more than 1 week, must be thoroughly diagnosed.

6) Tuberculosis (TB)

28 Lakh out of the 1.04 Crore new TB patients around the world every year, are Indians! World Health Organization (WHO)’s Global TB Report 2016 states that Indian government gives free of cost TB medicines, but many patients don’t do the full course, which lasts 6 to 8 months. Due to this, TB becomes drug resistant, and patients have to take costly toxic drugs, for a longer period. Many of them die, in the process.

7) Premature Birth

In 2005, premature birth was on number 4 in the reasons causing most number of deaths in India. But now, as 80.8% of the 2.26 Crore deliveries in India being in hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and clinics, deaths of both women and their newborns due to premature delivery related complications like low weight etc. have reduced.

8) Suicide And Suicidal Attempts

Suicide and suicidal attempts were at number 10 in 2005. But now it is on number 8, on the list of causes of deaths, as more Indians are killing themselves. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)’s data highlights that 17.3% of deaths i.e. 1,33,623 people died in 2015, which has increased from 1,13,914 deaths in 2005.

9) Deaths in Road Accidents

Fatal road accidents in India, have increased in last 20 years, resulting in this reason to move up 3 places. Number of road accidents increased by 3.1%, from 4,50,898 in 2014, to 4,64,674 in 2015. While corresponding number of deaths increased by 5.1%, from 1,41,526 to 1,48,707, according to NCRB’s data. The states of Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh registered most number of deaths in accidents.

10) Neonatal Problems

Deaths of newborn babies in India due to neonatal problems, comes in at number 10. But as more and more women breastfeeding their babies, getting them vaccinated and being able to provide them neonatal healthcare, more babies are able to recover from neonatal diseases like septicaemia, birth asphyxia, birth related trauma, etc.

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