Police officer takes blessings from Sadhvi inside Thana? When senior officers saw it

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by saints and sage who claim to be very close to God. Search people use God fearing statements to lure people and make money in the name of religion and Faith.

In recent times a lot godmen have been arrested and their arrest has also left a lot of high profile officers in trouble.

This incident from Delhi is doing rounds on the Internet where Namita Acharya, a godwoman is seen massaging the head of Delhi police SHO Indrapal Singh.

Pictures of him getting a massage on his head are going viral and are also been criticized by people who worship Namita acharya.

Photo source: Republic TV

Not only indrapal Singh got a massage on his head but also other people at the police station decided to take her blessings in the same way.

A lot of controversy has been created on the fact that Indrapal Singh decided to take het blessings in private in a separate room along with the head massage. Indrapal who belongs to the 1996 batch of Delhi Police is now in trouble as there have been orders to conduct an enquiry on the matter.

This is not the first time Namita Acharya’s name is being spoken about in the internet. She has previously been associated with IAS officers and IPS officers who have taken her blessings in the similar way by asking her to give a massage on their head.

We would love to know your opinion on this entire incident and what you feel about people who refer to them as people sent by god.

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