Imam teaches Muslims to have 4 wives and 40 kids to overcome Hindu population

As the 20th century hit the half way mark, one of the most significant changes in the country has been the population, which went up above everyone’s reach in that phase since the death rates came down and the birth rates were too high. The repercussions of that phase are still haunting the country in many ways, yet IMAM association President Mohammad Sajid Rashidi has suggested his fellow Muslim men to wed 4 women and have 40 kids so as to occupy more than 50% of the population across the country.

Digging a little deeper, the fertility rate discussion has been on for years and on most occassions, people have come up with some abrupt, illiterate and derogatory comments on this issue and the latest inductee into the list is Mr Rashidi. Social media didn’t let him live peacefully as one would expect and many of them had even suggested him to replicate his ideas so that the people can reciprocate accordingly.

The religion hypocrisy makes some self proclaimed leaders make some incredibly disrespectful comments and this is one such instance. This indeed is a pity that such people often misuse the fundamental right to freedom in the worst possible way, inflicting a whole lot of humility in the commoners.

Here are some really funny and interesting reactions that we have filtered from the social networking websites.