Story of Kalpit Veerwal, first ever person to score 100% in JEE Main

100% in JEE Mains is something which no one ever even thinks of even in the wildest of their dreams and here’s Kalpit Veerwal, a youngster from Udaipur who attained a milestone unheard and unseen of in Indian history.

Kalpit became the first person in the history of Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Mains to secure 360 points out of 360 and after CBSE announces the results of 12th standard examinations, he will be able to join the best of colleges in India.

Picture Source: NDTV

“Though everyone suggested that I go to Kota or Hyderabad for coaching, I didn’t want to take studies as a burden and I wanted to enjoy what I learned. So I decided to stay back in Udaipur and took coaching here along with regular schooling. I knew I could come first but never thought that I could reach the magic figure of 360,” he said in an interview with Times of India.

Kalpit comes from a humble background, which makes his story all the more inspirational. His father is a nurse in a hospital whilst his mother is teacher of MDS Senior Secondary School. Kalpit also said in his interview with Times of India that he barely missed a class and his discipline played a vital role in his success.

He also mentioned how helpful his parents and his teachers were in this brilliant journey of his, which definitely has a long way to go yet, but there’s a lot of promise. “My parents were particular about my health and made sure that I never suffered even a slight cold or cough. I spent five to six hours studying at home apart from the time spent in school and coaching classes,” Kalpit said.

“Kalpit is an extremely bright student who also took a keen interest in extracurricular activities. He represented the school at the national-level competition of Atal Tinkering Labs held by Niti Aayog last year,” said Shailendra Somani, director, MDS School as quoted by Times of India.

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