Fan asks Madhavan, “What’s the secret to your light skin?” the actor reacts!

We are living in the 21st century and some people are still obsessed with “fair skin” or “lightened skin” because they believe “being fairer” is more beautiful as far as appearance is concerned. However, one must note that beauty reflects on one’s character and not on appearance.

Even today, several celebrities have turned down millions for endorsing fairness creams. Indian celebrities earn a handsome amount of money through movies. But not all of them are satisfied with their income as they crave to earn more money through advertisements, endorsing brands and so on.

Fan asks Madhavan, "What's the secret to your light skin?" the actor reacts!

Celebrities are often being targeted by netizens for promoting skin lightening products. However, several Bollywood celebrities turned down lucrative millions for endorsing fairness creams. For some celebrities,  money was always not the issue.

In fact, they felt that it was their duty to not involve in sending out incorrect messages and were against the idea of endorsing such creams. Meanwhile, R Madhavan was recently asked by his follower about how he really manages to look fairer now as compared to a few years ago.

The fan reacted to a throwback picture that Madhavan shared recently. He posted the throwback picture in an attempt to raise the spirits of his young fans amid the announcement of various exam results.

What's the secret to your light skin? - Fan asks Madhavan, and the actor reacts!

“I really appreciate you being honest about your marks. Just using this opportunity to ask, since it’s quite visible from this old pic as well, what product or procedure you used to lighten your skin ? Genuine interested in knowing the secret. Thank you,” the fan asked.

To which, R Madhavan gave an epic reply. “I never believed in wanting to NOT be who I am- nor felt apologetic for looking the way I did. You shouldn’t either bro..Just look and be hygienic .. most attractive way to look ..????. I tan easily when I play golf-that is all there is to it . ??,” he wrote.

Check out the tweet and reply below: