Indian teacher exposes barbaric history of Mughal in sarcastic way, goes viral

The Mughal Empire was an important chapter in Indian history that ruled the Indian subcontinent from the seventh to the eighth centuries. The Mughal Empire was founded by the Central Asian ruler Babur (reigned 1526–1530), a descendant of the Turko-Mongol conquerors. It was later reduced to Old Delhi and its surrounding area by 1760 before the empire was formally dissolved by the British Raj following the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Many Indian political figures have said that the period of the Mughal Empire was good, but many people highlight them. Recently a video has been seen on social media. In which an Indian teacher has exposed the Mughal Empire. A video of this is becoming quite viral on social media.

According to the viral video, Ashish Bharat Vanshi says, “If there was any king who was most democratic and secular, then the Mughals were the most beloved ones, so beloved that there was no limit. They used to build temples under every mosque. This is the story of Vidisha Vijay. The story of the temple which is inspired by the new Parliament is very famous.”

He further says, “King Aurangzeb got that temple demolished and after getting that temple demolished, a mosque was built on top of it. Meaning, that the temple was built below, a mosque was built on it and till 1991, namaz was also held there. One day in 1991, it rained heavily. The wall there broke and as soon as the wall broke, Bhaiya understood what was inside. There was a temple inside. Idols started appearing. People had to go to ASI and take over that temple. So how lovely would the Mughals be? Secular Democratic fraternity. Everyone wishes you brotherhood.”

Many also remember the challenges of secularism, population decline, and economic conditions during the Mughal Empire. In this situation, especially in modern India, there is no mutual consent and there is controversy regarding it. After watching the viral video, users shared various reactions.

One user writes, “A similar Darga was built on top of an old temple in Pavagadh, Gujarat. After Modiji arrived in 2014, the Darga was removed from the temple.”

Another user writes, “When teachers also start teaching hatred, the coming generation will study only from WhatsApp University.”

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