Robert Vadra is likely to contest Polls From Amethi, check out what he said

In Indian politics, Robert Vadra, husband of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi, has shown interest in politics. Vadra has recently expressed his desire to contest the upcoming elections from Amethi in the role of his wife. “If I contest elections, I will give priority to Amethi. Amethi should be my first priority in politics,” Vadra said on Thursday.

He said, “Amethi needs a member of the Gandhi family.” Amethi, considered a historical stronghold of the Congress Party, is an important center of the Gandhi family. Here Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, and their family members contested elections as candidates and created history. Now Robert Vadra has expressed his desire to contest elections from this historical seat.

Meanwhile, Smriti Irani has been named the BJP’s candidate for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, after her surprise wins over Rahul Gandhi in 2019 by a narrow margin of 55,000 votes. Robert Vadra criticized Irani, suggesting people regretted electing her. He emphasized the Gandhi family’s historical efforts in the region and implied dissatisfaction among constituents with Irani’s representation.

A candidate for the Union Minister’s seat from Amethi has yet to be announced by Congress. It is still unclear whether Rahul Gandhi will contest from here or not, even though he has already filed his nomination from Wayanad. In another media interview, the entrepreneur also said that it is these people who want him to enter politics.

In another media interview, the entrepreneur also said that it is these people who want him to enter politics. “People want me to step into politics. Be it state elections or central elections, they feel I need to come into politics. As a member of the Gandhi family, it is very hard for me to stay away from politics. Many people The demand is coming from all over the place,” Vadra said. He further added, “People have seen my hard work, so wherever I go, people want me to represent them. My posters start appearing everywhere. Whenever I attend any political event, people from different parties say that I am late to enter politics. They say that I should come into politics. They even say that if not from Congress then come to our party.

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