Container Driver accuses Rahul Gandhi of cheating, his due 1 lakh Rupees is still unpaid

Several recent allegations have emerged concerning Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’, with container drivers now threatening legal action. The containers utilized in the Nyaya Yatra were reportedly owned by a transport company claiming non-payment from the party. Moti Singh, Satyendra Singh, Dharmendra Singh, and Ram Krishna, truck drivers from Anupshahr, have penned a letter to the local police station in charge, seeking resolution of the issue.

According to online reports, ‘They have stopped 25 containers belonging to Manoj Kumar and Anil Kaushik of Haridwar Transport Service in Delhi. These containers were taken to Rahul’s rally in December last year. The aggrieved drivers have urged the police officer to intervene in this matter. He has urged to ensure payment of lakhs of rupees so that the containers can be returned to the transporters.

The aggrieved truck drivers have now warned that they will approach the court if they do not get their payment. A video of which is also going viral on social media. ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’ was launched to pay attention to the issues of the people and to solve their problems, to listen to the voices of farmers, students, youth, and the poor, but in the meantime, this kind of alliance creates a lot of concern.

The viral video has been shared by Times Now Navbharat. The video has received 1 million views and more than 40 thousand likes so far. After watching the video, users have expressed their views and shared many reactions. A user writes, ‘This is the justice of Rahul Gandhi ji, which he has done to the poor drivers, and he wants to do the same justice to the country in the future.’

Another user writes, ‘Tell me, Congress has stooped so low and is stealing the driver’s money. And is dreaming of running the country. ,

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