Learn from Priyasha Saluja, who went viral on Shark Tank India, how to build a business

Currently, making your startup successful is a big challenge. In the third season of Shark Tank India, Priyasha Saluja introduced her startup, “The Cinnamon Kitchen.” After this, she went viral on social media as well. Priyasha has achieved a lot after Shark Tank India. Let us tell you, Priyasha told Shark Aman, ‘Don’t interrupt me like that.’ This clip went viral very fast on social media, and it has brought a lot of success to Priyasha and her business. At a Josh Talks event, Priyasha tells how she started her business. Not only this, if a founder takes their business idea to Shark Tank India, then how should they prepare themselves?

She left her job and started her own business.

Priyasha Saluja, a resident of Delhi, left her job and started her own business. She attended Delhi Public School, Noida, for her schooling and completed her Bachelor of Management Studies from Delhi University. After completing her studies, Priyasha worked at PwC before moving to Mumbai to work in advertising. The Cinnamon Kitchen, her business venture, began in the kitchen of Mumbai, but there is a long story behind it.

Priyasha has been suffering from PCOS since the age of 13, which restricted her diet. Despite her dietary restrictions, she indulged in cooking various desserts and baked goods for herself. She also shared her creations with her office friends. Encouraged by positive feedback, Priyasha started a separate Instagram page called “The Cinnamon Kitchen.” At that time, she hadn’t envisioned that the Instagram page would one day evolve into a brand. After discussing with her friends, Priyasha made the decision to start her own business and returned to Delhi.

Journey from a valuation of Rs 50 thousand to Rs 12 crore

When Priyasha started “The Cinnamon Kitchen” in 2019, she had only Rs 50,000 and her own kitchen. Initially, Priyasha used to receive an order every two days. However, today, the company is valued at Rs 12 crore. It is noteworthy that the company’s revenue in 2019 was Rs 1 lakh 40 thousand, whereas in 2023–2024, it reached Rs 6 crore. Priyasha has faced numerous challenges in bringing the company to this point, but her perseverance and hard work have led her here.

Achievements from Shark Tank India

Priyasha represented her company for the first time on Shark Tank India, seeking funding. Her pitch impressed all the Sharks, and they also liked The Cinnamon Kitchen’s product. Despite receiving negative comments during the pitch, Priyasha took them positively, acknowledging that not every business is perfect. Subsequently, she received offers from Vineeta Singh, Aman Gupta, and Anupam Mittal, ultimately accepting Aman Gupta’s offer.

The Cinnamon Kitchen received a new lease of life from Shark Tank India, proving to be a boon. Priyasha and her business gained significant recognition following the pitch. Previously fulfilling 70 orders a day, they now handle 300 orders with a team of 35 employees. Priyasha advises entrepreneurs to take risks with their business ideas, as it can lead to great achievements. Participating in Shark Tank India can provide a definite identity for your business, regardless of whether it secures funding. It offers opportunities to expand and innovate. Growing a business to this extent is challenging, but with an excellent idea and determination, success is achievable. Priyasha encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of making their business a brand, as success will eventually follow.

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