Dalit man throws meat at Brahmin’s house, threatens him to frame under SC/ST act

A recent incident has exacerbated the existing issues of inequality in our society. when a Dalit youth threw meat at a Brahmin’s house and threatened to charge him under the SC/ST Act. This incident is not only against an individual, but it has also shown the seriousness of casteism and inequality in our society. The video of a Brahmin man giving information about the case is going viral on social media.

This case is from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. In the video, the Brahmin man cried while explaining the atrocities he faced. He says that he has been tortured a lot by a Dalit man. They threw pieces of fish meat at the Brahmin’s house and also threatened to register a case against the Brahmin and his entire family under the SC/ST Act. The Brahmin man and his entire family are facing extreme torture.

It is further explained in the video that any officer, be it MLA, rank officer, or police station officer, no one is helping, they just laugh after listening to the matter. This is a very shameful act and action should be taken against it keeping the issue of casteism in mind. Unfortunately, such incidents should happen due to the casteist sentiments emerging from the depths of society. To change society in the direction of harmony, we have to resolve such incidents rapidly.

Information about this matter was shared by ‘Subham Sharma’ through a Twitter post. After seeing the post, users shared many reactions expressing their views.

A user writes, ‘Why is not using force himself too?’ Treat them how you have been treated. Going soft will not work anymore.

Another user writes, ‘UP has developed but there is not one single law in the country for brahmins. Brahmins are the Vedic knowledge repositories of Sanatan Dharma.’

Another user writes, ‘This is unbearable! Every day a new incident! Hindus need to organize themselves – today Brahmins, tomorrow Kshetriyas – it will go on!’

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