Chandrashekhar attempts to kill a teacher who used to molest his girl students

In Greater Noida, a shocking incident has been reported. A teacher named Raqib Hussain molested a student in the name of teaching her. The victim got worried and informed this to his brother Chandrashekhar. In response, Chandrashekhar bought an illegal gun and shot Rakib with the intention of killing him on 14 February. Chandrashekhar is in police custody and further investigation into the case is underway.

In this case, two school teachers are involved, Raqib Hussain, aka Rehan, both the accused used to molest a minor girl and harass her, in the name of teaching her. Frustrated with all this, the victim informed his brother Chandrashekhar, and after this Chandrashekhar bought an illegal gun and opened fire on Rakib. Rakib is admitted in the hospital. As soon as the police got information about this matter, Chandrashekhar was taken into custody.

According to online sources, a case has also been registered against the Islamist molester. But this is a very shameful act. The teacher’s profession is considered as the best and ideal profession because teachers give their service selflessly in making one’s life but after seeing this shameful act it tarnishes the ideal name of all the teachers. Education is an important part of our lives and if the daughters of our society are not protected then there is nothing more insulting than this.

Information about the case has been shared by ‘treeni’ on Twitter. After seeing the post, users have shared various types of reactions. A user writes, ‘Better than waiting for the deaf judiciary to give justice.’

Another user writes, ‘When people lose trust in Police, this what it results to.’

Another user writes, ‘Free Chandrashekhar and register POCOSO case against child molester Raqib Hussain.’

Another user writes, ‘Hindu society, oppressed by the perverted community, is being forced to take law into its own hands to protect its sisters and daughters. A brother puts his life and career at stake to protect his sister.

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