Believe it or not, but this is a water park in Sweden and it’s caught fire

The recent massive fire at a newly built waterfall in Sweden has left the public in disbelief. Flames damaged outdoor water slides and a facility under construction at Oceana Waterpark. There were no immediate reports of serious injuries or deaths but Reuters, citing police, reported that one person was missing. Its video is becoming increasingly viral on social media and is surprising people.

There were no tourists in the waterpark when the fire broke out. Gothenburg’s Liseberg Funfair has added a new park. The Liseberg Funfair was scheduled to open this year. After the fire, a statement was released saying that the missing person was working on the project. “A fire broke out in one of the water rides outside the building and spread throughout,” Liseberg said.

As of 17000 GMT, the fire was still raging and firefighters were battling the blaze. It was expected that rescue workers and firefighters would still have more work to do before the flames could be brought under control. Due to the massive fire, a thick cloud of smoke covered the sky of the city. Residents have been asked to stay indoors and close windows to protect themselves from smoke and fumes.

Guests at a nearby hotel and office complex have been evacuated, Liseberg said. “There is no longer any smoke that affects the surrounding environment, but there are still flames and smoldering flames in parts of the building’s structure,” rescue services said in a statement on Tuesday. The video of the incident going viral on social media shows several nearby firefighting vehicles engulfed in flames. After watching the viral video, users have shared many types of reactions.

A user writes, ‘I saw footage earlier with explosives going off didn’t seem like a normal fire.’

Another user writes, ‘Western countries are all suffering from their corrupt governments importing these culturally enriched immigrants.’

Another user writes, ‘The fire was likely caused by welding coming in contact with epoxy plastic material of water slide and the explosion caused by gas tanks on the worksite.’

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