Who is Mohit Sharma who always speaks against PM Modi and BJP

Mohit Sharma frequently appears in numerous debate videos, where he is known for effectively countering his opponents. Recently, he engaged in a debate on a private channel with Yogaguru Baba Ramdev, during which Mohit declined to address Ramdev as “Baba.”

Mohit Sharma is a prominent political thinker known for his vocal opposition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP. His sharp critiques have sparked widespread debate and raised questions about the party’s policies and the Prime Minister’s leadership, earning him a distinct identity.

People watching news channels on TV give maximum time to debates. If you watch debates, you must have seen this face at some point or the other. Mohit Sharma whose videos in the name of ‘Sharma ji’s boy’ are once again going viral on social media. Some time before this, Mohit Sharma faced Yogaguru Baba Ramdev in a debate show on a private channel. Mohit declined to address Ramdev as “Baba.” he Said, ‘I cannot call you Baba because being a spiritual man, you are in politics.’ Mohit Sharma had a heated argument with Baba Ramdev in that show.

Mohit Sharma has many times maintained that his criticisms are not just for political purposes, but their main objective is to make the public aware and provide them with a positive or negative view towards the government’s policies. He has addressed many issues, such as economic policies, farmers’ concerns, and social justice.

According to a YouTube channel, Mohit Sharma recently engaged in a confrontation with a group of Modi supporters. Remarkably, he took control of the situation single-handedly. Mohit Sharma, currently pursuing his LLB, mentioned in an interview that his college day concludes at 2 o’clock, affording him the opportunity to partake in evening debates. Having recently turned 18, Mohit Sharma exercised his voting right for the first time in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

He was asked, ‘How did you start getting into TV? In response to this, Mohit said that one day he had gone to Palika market in Delhi to buy a t-shirt. There were some YouTubers and people from TV channels there. There I got a chance to speak for the first time and the journey started from there.

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