Maldives Govt suspends 3 ministers who made derogatory comments on Modi

The Maldives government on Sunday suspended three ministers for their derogatory comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this matter, the government has taken prompt action and taken strict action against such indecent statements. It has suspended those ministers who had made objectionable comments towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Maryam Sheuna, Malsha Sharif, and Mahzoom Majeed were suspended over their comments against PM Modi, which sparked a massive reaction. Mariam Shiuna’s post – which has now been deleted – contained photos from PM Modi’s recent visit to Lakshadweep. The Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts described the Indian Prime Minister as a ‘clown’ and a ‘puppet of Israel’.

Various social media posts claim that more than 8,000 hotel bookings and 2,500 flight tickets have been canceled in retaliation after a Maldivian minister insulted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Earlier in the day, the Maldives government in a statement distanced itself from the comments, calling them ‘personal opinions’. The statement came after India made it clear that junior women’s minister Maryam Shiuna’s comments were unnecessary and unacceptable.

Former presidents including Mohammed Nasheed and Ibrahim Solih had demanded action against the ministers over their comments against Prime Minister Modi. “I condemn the use of hateful language against #India by Maldives government officials on social media. India has always been a good friend of Maldives and we should not allow such harsh comments to impact the age-old friendship between our two countries negatively,” former President Ibrahim Solih had said.

Abdulla Shahid, the ex-Foreign Minister of Maldives, strongly urged for decisive measures against the ministers involved. Expressing his dismay, he labeled the derogatory remarks made by two Deputy Ministers of the present Maldivian Government and a political party member towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian people as both reprehensible and disgusting. Shahid called upon the government to take firm action and reprimand these officials for their inappropriate behavior on social media.

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