Meet Rajasthan Muslim MLA, who took oath in Sanskrit language

The first session of the 16th Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan became a topic of discussion due to Muslim MLAs taking oath in Sanskrit. Zubair Khan and many others surprised everyone by taking an oath in Sanskrit. During the oath ceremony, Promat Speaker Kalicharan Sarafa administered oaths to the newly elected MLAs. This session came into discussion due to the oath of the MLAs and other reasons. The first reason for the discussion was to take an oath in the Sanskrit language.

Protem Speaker Kalicharan Saraf stopped Kolayat MLA from Bikaner from taking oath in Rajasthani. Because the oath can be taken only in the languages included in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution. Whereas Rajasthan is not included in the language list. The first session of the 16th Assembly in Rajasthan began at 11 am today.

First, the oath was administered to CM Bhajan Lal Sharma and then to Deputy CMs Diya Kumari and Premchand Bairwa. MLAs Udaylal Bhadana, Gopal Lal Sharma, Gopal Sharma, Jogeshwar Garg, Kailash Chandra Meena, Garhi, Chhagan Singh Rajpurohit, Zuber Khan, Ramgarh Jethanand Vyas, Zoraram Kumawat took oath in Sanskrit.

Zubair Khan is a Congress MLA from the Ramgarh assembly seat of Alwar. Zubair Khan got 93765 votes in the 2023 assembly elections. Similarly, Sukhwant Singh, who contested the elections on behalf of the BJP, was in second place. Zubair defeated Sukhwant by 19696 votes. On Wednesday, Zubair surprised everyone by taking oath in Sanskrit in the assembly.

During the parliamentary proceedings, Congress MLA Shanti Dhariwal objected, emphasizing the constitutional protocol for starting with the Governor’s address. Protem Speaker Kalicharan Saraf insisted on administering oaths first, leading to a sharp exchange. Congress MLAs, including Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot, wore black bands in protest of an attack on Parliament. Some MLAs attempted to take the oath in Rajasthani but were denied by Saraf citing rules.

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