MS Dhoni faces criticism as he collaborates with controversial singer MC Stan

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the legendary former Indian cricket captain and World Cup-winning prodigy, has recently decided to collaborate with controversial singer MC Stan. After his alleged collusion with the objectionable singer, Dhoni is facing criticism from many quarters.

MS Dhoni had led Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to the IPL 2023 title last year and this year once again he would like to lead his team to victory. It is being said that the upcoming IPL 2024 will be Dhoni’s last season as a player. MC Stan’s association with Mahhi has caused some of her fans to express their displeasure.

Actually, MS Dhoni is working with famous rapper MC Stan for an ad, on which fans have expressed a strong reaction. Not only this but MC Stan has shared some pictures of himself and MS Dhoni on Instagram, where both of them are seen wearing stylish black suits.

In the first picture, MS Dhoni and MC Stan are seen shaking hands, while in the second picture, both are seen making the P sign with their hands. In the last picture, they are posing cool, and Stan wrote in the caption: “Some nice shots with Thala legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni.”

The unexpected collaboration between MS Dhoni and MC Stan has stirred up mixed reactions among fans. While some express disappointment and question the choice of associating with the controversial rapper, others are intrigued and excited about the partnership. Dhoni’s upcoming IPL 2024 season with the Chennai Super Kings adds an additional layer of anticipation, as fans wonder if this collaboration hints at a new avenue for the legendary cricketer post his playing career.

Meanwhile, after Dhoni’s pictures with MC Stan went viral, fans are upset with the former Indian captain and are calling this collaboration a waste of time. Fans who believe Mahi cannot work with a Mumbai rapper have asked him why he worked with one. However, some fans are excited about the collaboration between Stan and Dhoni.

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