Woman books Rapido, auto driver sexually harasses her and throws her out of Auto

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, our lives are rapidly changing in the way we use public transport. Companies like on-demand ride-sharing services have provided us with a new way to get from one place to another with ease. But what if we face obstacles while using this feature? Recently a woman encountered an incident while using Rapido’s service, which promised her a safe journey, but her experience turned out to be a negative one.

A user on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) recently shared a sad incident involving his female friend who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a Rapido auto-rickshaw driver in Bengaluru, Karnataka. In a social media post, user @JustAnkurBagchi shared harrowing details of the incident, revealing that the woman not only experienced inappropriate touching by the rickshaw puller but was also forcibly thrown from the moving auto when she protested.

In the post, the user issued a warning statement saying, “Rapido enables sexual predators. Do not use Rapido.” She then went on to narrate the horrific incident and said, “One of my friends was sexually assaulted by a @rapidobikeapp auto driver last night. She was touched inappropriately and when she pushed back, she was thrown out of the moving auto. The user further revealed that despite his friend filing a complaint with Rapido, the company only apologized without giving any details about the auto-rickshaw driver.

Concerned about his friend’s well-being, the user ended the post asking for help in locating the culprit, saying: “We are working on solving this, but in the meantime, he needs medical care. If you have any clue how we can find this guy, ping me.” They also issued a warning advising women against using the Rapido app.

The post attracted widespread attention, with users urging the original poster to report the incident to the police. Responding to the post, Bengaluru Police requested, “Please provide details of the specific area of the incident and your contact number through DM.”

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