10 best friends of India- they never let other countries attack India

India is a historically, culturally, and geographically special land, the conservation and protection of which has been of constant importance. Currently, India is one of the biggest investment regions for business owners. For this, some countries of the world that have stood with India have always played a supporting role. Maintaining good relations with other countries has become even more important after the pandemic. Here we are going to show you a list of 10 such friends of India, who never allowed India to be attacked.

1. USA: Relations between India and America are growing and the cooperation is strong in the fields of defense, science, and technology. America has always supported India as its friend. Indian students studying in American universities contribute to the American economy.

2. Japan: Relations between Japan and India are deep and stable. Furthermore, both those countries cooperate in the field of desert peace and security. India has helped Japan recover from the devastation of World War II. After which Japan started giving yen loans to India. India exports fish and fish products, clothing and accessories, textiles, iron and steel products, chemical elements, textile yarn, petroleum products, etc. to Japan. Whereas India imports non-ferrous metals, organic chemicals, and electrical machinery.

3. Israel: Israel is an important defense partner of India and helps in the military and defense technology sector. Apart from this, both these countries are also partners in the field of science and technology. It is developing because of PM Modi, who is engaged in making diplomatic strategies with Israel. Buying Rafale and other defense machinery from Israel made India’s defense stronger than before.

4. Afghanistan: Relations between India and Afghanistan are friendly and India has played an important role in the development of Afghanistan. Due to geographical location, trade has been taking place between India and Afghanistan for many years. The two countries did trade worth $1.5 billion in 2020.

5. Bhutan: Both India and Bhutan share a common interest in the development of Southeast Asian countries. Last year the volume of bilateral trade between these two countries increased. Bhutan’s PM Lotay Tshering and PM Modi discussed expanding trade routes between the two countries. For better business. They are planning to change not only the route but also some customs and tax-related rules.

6. Russia: Relations between India and Russia are very long-term, and have always been stable and strong. Russia has empowered India and played an important role in its defense. Russia has invested approximately US$4 billion in the Indian market, especially in the BPO and automobile sectors.

7. Myanmar: Indians and Burmese share similarities in ethnic and cultural aspects. There were hindrances in the relationship for some years but it has been improving since 2016. The Indian government considers Myanmar as a gateway to East Asian countries for trade. However, India does not only give priority to the trade aspect. But it also enhances relationships on a broader level. The unions of both countries are trying to create market areas, railways, and shipping points on the border lines.

8. Maldives: This small island country located in the Indian Ocean plays an important role in India’s international trade. Due to geographical location. It serves as a “toll plaza” on the sea. People of these two countries have a common interest in language, culture, and economic resources. India is always ahead to help this country in every way, be it through serious natural disasters or defense. Now under the leadership of President Ibrahim Mohammad Solih, PM Modi is taking more steps to enhance relations between the two countries.

9. Sri Lanka: India and Sri Lanka share a strong trade base. Their economic activities include development in health, transportation, education, infrastructure, and industrial sectors. Many Indian companies invest in the Sri Lankan market mostly in tourism, financial sectors, telecommunications, and petroleum retail.

10. Australia: These two countries try to expand their economic relations in broader aspects. India is Australia’s seventh-largest trading partner. Australia has emerged as one of India’s significant export destinations, with India shipping out commodities such as gold, coal, and copper while importing essential items like medicines, refined petroleum products, pearls, and gemstones. Australia has excellent education facilities. Therefore they provide educational programs and modern teaching methods to the students of India.

Sweta Dagar is an avid reader and writer. She hails from Bulandshahr (U.P) where she completed her formap education. She loves exploring varieties of topics that shape the public opinion at large. If you have any queries, feel free to contact her at [email protected].