New govt plans, without any exam you get a Govt job- here is criteria

The Government of India is now giving the opportunity to all Indians to get a job without examination. It sounds unbelievable but it is absolutely true. You can apply for this job only till 19th November. If you are a graduate then you can apply for this and you will get a salary of up to Rs 60 thousand. So read this article till the end to know how you have to apply for it and what are the eligibility criteria for it.

The Ministry of Commerce has issued this vacancy. Vacancy has come out in ITPO i.e. India Trade Promotion Organization. If you are 32 years old then you can apply for various posts. It is straightforward to apply it. For this, you will have to go to this website, ‘’. After this click on the nav bar, here you will get a career option.

You have to click on this. Then you have to click on the current opening. After coming here, if you are opening it on mobile, set it on the desktop site and click on the fourth vacancy you see. But after that, you have to click on download here. After this, you will get a notification along with its form. You have to fill out this form and after filling it, you have to post it on this address. After this, you will definitely get some messages for an interview.

Due to the increasing population these days employment has reduced drastically. Make use of this limited-time vacancy and get good employment soon in an easy way. This initiative by the Government of India, offering job opportunities without examinations, is a commendable step towards addressing the employment challenges faced by many. The openings in ITPO under the Ministry of Commerce present a valuable chance for qualified individuals to secure a position and contribute to the nation’s workforce. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to visit ‘,’ navigate to the career section, and follow the outlined steps for application. The streamlined process, coupled with the promise of a competitive salary of up to Rs 60 thousand, makes this opportunity particularly attractive for graduates seeking stable employment. Act swiftly as the application deadline is approaching on 19th November. Secure your future by exploring this unique job opening today.

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