Rivalry between Singh and Badshah? Know everything from beginning to end 

Mafia Mundeer is a music band that was quite famous for hip-hop. Mafia Mundeer has given many hit songs like Gabru, Haye Mera Dil, Glassy, Get Up Jawaani, Siftan, and many more. The band last performed in 2012. Apart from Honey Singh and Badshah, Raftaar, Ikka, and Lil Golu were included in the mafia uniform. The Mafia Mundeer group was disbanded. Actually, a cold war has been going on for a long time. Raftaar and Badshah are together in this war, while Honey Singh is fighting alone against both of them.

That period from 2011 to 2014 – 15. When people used to Honey Singh’s songs, be it in a club or outside, Honey Singh’s songs were playing on every floor. Honey Singh was on everyone’s mind, but not the team working on the backend. Then there came a time when Honey Singh’s bad phase started. The reason was some things that had become part of his habits. Honey Singh says in an interview, I started taking drugs in the year 2012. Consumed a significant amount of substances for a duration of two years. Due to this, his career sank. Honey Singh has been repeating this in many interviews. He also said that he had not come out of his house for three and a half years.

According to Badshah, Honey Singh was ‘self-centered’ and often ignored his calls, he said in an interview. He also said those years were ‘challenging’ for him and ultimately changed him. Badshah alleges that despite being in a mafia mood, he was not allowed to meet the other group members. The allegation is also that Badshah composed many songs at that time, but all of them could not be released. According to Badshah, at that time Honey Singh was only focusing on his career.

Raftaar kept trolling Honey Singh on many occasions without taking his name. Honey Singh fans even accused Raftaar of making fun of his depressive phase and his illness. In one stream, he made fun of Honey Singh’s three-point and even called it a funny three-point.

On April 18, 2013, Raftaar retweeted a clip of a video of Honey Singh. This video is said to be from before Honey’s illness. In this he is saying, there is nothing like anxiety or depression. That’s a cold. Then the video got cut midway. The next line is don’t go to a psychiatrist. If you only have anxiety and depression. Another tweet. In this, Raftaar has written, Why are people taking cold and cough so seriously?

These days, Honey Singh’s fans are lashing out at these comments. Honey Singh fans are searching for Raftaar’s videos along with Badshah and replying to them.

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