Meet Muhammad Rashid from Kerala, he brutally molested elderly woman beggar

Rape cases keep coming to light every day and there are many such cases that have never come out openly and no legal action has been taken. But such a case of rape and harassment is coming to light from Kerala which is extremely shocking and at the same time extremely shameful. Muhammad Rashid did not even spare an elderly beggar woman and molested her and tried to rape her. Dissatisfied with his actions, he brutally beat the poor old woman.

This case is of Kottayam Kerala, Kollam. The culprit has been identified as Mohammad Rashid. He has been accused of kidnapping and raping an 80-year-old elderly beggar woman at night while she was sleeping. And not only this, being dissatisfied with this, he brutally beat the poor old woman. The video of this case is also going viral on social media.

Kerala Police detained Rashid from Oyyur village in Kottarakara taluk for the crime that had shocked the conscience of many. The elderly woman was sleeping in front of a shop when Rashid abducted her at night and sexually assaulted her. The victim begs for a living. After brutally brutalizing her, the accused left the victim on the road in a semi-nude state and fled from the scene of the crime.

After the incident, CCTV footage of the brutal misbehavior with the woman was also released. Subsequent investigation revealed that Rashid was the attacker. The footage shows the accused approaching the victim and trying to remove her clothes. When the woman woke up and protested, Rashid punched her on the head several times and made her fall to the ground. After this, he took her with him.

In the morning, the woman was found semi-nude, soaked in blood, at a deserted place near Seethra Junction, about one and a half kilometers away. He was first spotted by a temple priest and an auto driver who had reached a nearby temple in the morning. They gave her some clothes and took the elderly woman to the hospital. A watchman informed the victim’s son and he lodged a police complaint. Rashid has been taken into custody.

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