Indian hackers hack over 150 Pak sites, leak confidential data, put Anshul Saxena’s photo on interface

Pakistan has been infiltration Indian territories ever since the separation of India in 1947. Only after 2 months of independence, on 22nd of October Pak army crossed the border and launched attack on Kashmir in an attempt to annex it. When Indian army retaliated, they fell back. Pakistan, with the help of its infiltrators and non state actors including Jihadists, has been carrying out cowardly terror attacks in India.

Hackers of Indian Cyber Troops

Amid Pak’s attempt to destabilise Indian states and its economy, Indian hackers seem to be in the mood for teaching the notorious neighbors a lesson. Hackers from Indian Cyber Troops have infiltrated over 150 Pak websites leaking very confidential data of the country. Talking to TheYouth on email, they said they had executed their plan within 2-3 hours. If the Government of India allows us, we can dismantle or completely destroy their entire cyber space. 

This is considered to be probably the biggest attack on Pakistan cyber security in a single day. The Indian Cyber Troops have hacked over 150 sites and delivered agonising punch on their security system. They have leaked data of Pakistan Punjab Police, Pakistan Board of Emigration and other departments, which was kept covertly in their respective server. 

The hackers defaced sites’ interface putting a wavering Indian flag with a message of ‘Jai Hind’ and photos of Anshul Saxena, Sunny Nehra and a jocker. Here’s some of the websites links they have hacked. (Note: the links were provided to The Youth by Indian Cyber Troops on the morning of 15th August 2020. Please check them out before they recover.)