Heartbreaking video: Depressed Tiger walks in endless small circles

Amid the national lockdown, people across the nation are at home and don’t usually step out unless there is an emergency situation. By now, we must have realised sad conditions in which animals are caged and kept in at zoos.

Humans are disgraceful creatures who have built zoos to make money. However, these wild animals were never really meant to live inside cages as they have the freedom just like humans.

Recently, a heart-breaking video, reportedly from China, shows the conditions of animals kept in zoos, a small place where they barely have room to walk.

The video that is doing the rounds on social media shows a caged tiger, depressed, walking non-stop, endlessly in tiny circles inside its enclosure. A circular mark can be seen etched on the ground as the tiger barely has any place to walk let alone run.

The footage depicts a white Bengal tiger going round and round. The video is allegedly from a Beijing zoo.

As per one report, the Beijing Zoo added that the tiger had been given psychological counselling after its keepers noticed the strange behaviour at the end of March.

The video that has over 10 million views and some terrified animal lovers commented online: ‘There is not enough room [for the tiger]. It’s ill, mentally ill,’ while another one said, ‘The tiger looks depressed.’

“This kind of behaviour is expected after animals have stayed in a zoo for a long time,” Daily Mail quotes a staff member telling the press.

‘We have taken the animal to receive behaviour training. We also brought more food and toys for the tiger. It’s like “psychological counselling,”’ the zookeeper was reported as saying.