Guy crossed his limits and insulted Rakul Preet, actress takes him down

In our country, there are quite a lot of nonsensical, retrogressive and unethical practices which we are following since ages and the can you guess what’s the one sole reason which never lets us get over these things? The word “Culture” or “Tradition”, which are often misused to the greatest of effects.

We currently live in a country which intends to go up and above in every walk of life, but many “Cultures” or “Traditions” are halting the progress. It might as well seem incredibly difficult to bring about an end to these customs which are of no use to the country, but its definitely not impossible.

We can’t expect to change things overnight, we have to do it brick by brick and results can be expected only in the long run. But for the betterment of the country, its imperative we start teaching the kids of this generation to move in the right direction, a way which has no religious, cultural, racial or gender barriers, a way which highlights the importance of equality and a way which would take us to our desired destination, an “Incredible India”.

Case in point, celebrities often hog the limelight for all the right and wrong reasons. They often came under fire for their way of dressing and they have been shamed mercilessly on social media. In this article, we will see female celebrities who have been targeted for their clothes.

Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Rakul Preet Singh gave a mouth-shutting reply to a pervert who trolled her for clothes. Rakul Preet Singh shared an astounding picture of herself in a short dress. While there were several netizens who appreciated Rakul Preet’s beauty, there were others who trolled her for the picture.

One of the tweets caught her attention, that reads, “When she forgot to wear her pant after the session in the car (sic).”

Guy crossed his limits and insulted Rakul Preet, actress takes him down

Rakul lashed out at the netizen for shaming her with a bold reply. She wrote, “I think your mother does a lot of sessions in the car so you are an expert !! Ask her to give u some sense also besides these session details .. till the time people like this exist women can’t be safe .. just debating about equality and safety won’t help.. #sickmind”