Gujarat: Muslim man casts derogatory slurs on Hindu women at Garba

Navratri festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India, along with this, Garba nights are held everywhere in India these days. Recently, a case is coming to light from the Garba Night organized in Vadodara, Gujarat which is also going viral on social media. A Muslim guy took a selfie with a Hindu girl on Garba night and posted it on Facebook with a very derogatory caption about Lord Krishna, Meera, and Maa Radha. The incident in Vadodara is regrettable. It’s essential to remember that the actions of individuals shouldn’t generalize entire communities.

This news is from Vadodara, Gujarat, where a Muslim guy named Zoeb did a very insulting act. There was a Garba night event in Vadodara which Zoeb also joined. He clicked a selfie of himself with a Hindu girl and posted this image on Facebook. The post was shared with a very derogatory comment in the caption, which included derogatory remarks about Lord Krishna, Meera, and Maa Radha. This was done only to mock and provoke Hindu people. Media coverage followed this post’s viral success on social media.

Hindu groups immediately came into action. This hurt the Hindus a lot and they immediately took action against Zoeb. Zoeb was scared of further action, so he confessed to his crime and for this, he folded his hands and apologized to everyone. Its video is also going viral on social media. With this, different reactions of people are coming to the fore.

The user writes, “Why did none of the Muslim girls join Garba?? Why only boys? Think.”

Another user writes, “Did the Hindu girl know what Zoeb’s religion is and did she allow this act? We want this girl’s statement too. Why the Muslim boys/men are interested in Hindu Garba?”

Another user writes, “What is being taught in Muslim homes and mosques?”

Other users write, “They just apologize for that time they will never change. Do not trust them”

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