UP: Inspector asks rape victim for favor, asks her to spend a night with him

A shocking incident shows the shamefully absurd behavior of a police station officer in Uttar Pradesh, in which he made a strange request to a rape victim. A police picket in-charge in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor district has been suspended after an investigation found him guilty of harassing a 28-year-old rape victim and demanding sexual favors from her. Sub-inspector Dharmendra Singh, posted in the Jhalu protest area, was investigating a rape and harassment case filed by a local woman against her ex-husband, who alleged that he sexually assaulted her at a hotel in Mussoorie on September 10.

The victim Rida lodged a case at Haldaur police station on September 12. During the investigation, the sub-inspector had allegedly called the complainant to Mussoorie on October 17 on the pretext of the investigation and allegedly made unreasonable demands of a sexual nature from him. Following this, he met Bijnor Superintendent of Police, Neeraj Kumar Jadaun on Wednesday. Found and told how the police officer had forced her to meet him at a hotel. He presented an audio recording of their conversation. ? In which Sub-Inspector Dharmendra Singh can be clearly heard saying, “We are helping you so much, will you not do this much for us in return?” Either you bring a friend or you will have to come yourself. ,

The SP said that when the matter was investigated by a woman sub-inspector, the complaint was found to be true. The SP stated, “At first glance, it appears that the woman’s allegations are substantiated.” The matter is very serious, hence Sub-Inspector Dharmendra Singh was suspended with immediate effect on Thursday and an investigation will be conducted.” He issued a strong warning to all police officers, stressing the importance of adhering to ethical standards and refraining from engaging in misconduct.

The video of this matter is going viral on social media and various reactions are coming from people. This shameful and disgusting act has had a huge impact on India’s security police force.

One user writes, “This is the protector of the people of our country India.”

Another user writes, “This is how the atmosphere in India is going.”

Another user writes, “How will protection and justice be possible when the protector becomes the eater?”

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