After iPhone, Google to manufacture mobile phones in India, not in China

Google has officially revealed its plans to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India. The production will commence with the Pixel 8 model, set to hit the market in 2024. Rick Osterloh, the head of devices at Google, stated that the company intends to collaborate with international manufacturers based in India for this initiative.

According to online sources, they are starting preparations to manufacture their latest smartphones inside India. They have tied up with many Indian brands including Lava International Limited, Dixon Technology, and Foxconn Company with whom Google will launch its flagship-level smartphones in India. Apart from India’s Make India Mission, the PRI scheme has given a lot of benefits to companies so that they can manufacture domestically, especially smartphones, within India.

Google Pixel 8 manufacturing will start first in India. Apart from this, the price of Google Pixel 8 is around Rs 75 to 76 thousand. Whereas the price of Pixel 8 Pro is more than Rs 1 lakh. And if we talk about Google, Google makes premium segment smartphones. Apart from Google, other phone manufacturers including Apple Inc. and Foxconn have also started making mobile phones in India. Apple has already started manufacturing smartphones on a large scale from within India and this year’s target is to export smartphones worth about 7 to 8 billion US dollars from India only from Apple.

Meanwhile, India is aggressively pushing for Made-in-India initiatives, which have already forced Chinese smartphone players to set up factories in various Indian cities. Samsung also makes smartphones in India and has the world’s largest mobile factory in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Recently news agency IANS reported that mobile phone exports witnessed a growth of 128 percent in April-May this year. This growth was driven by iPhone exports.

The expansion of smartphone manufacturing in India, including Google’s plans to produce the Pixel 8 there, is a significant development in line with the country’s “Make in India” initiative. This initiative has attracted international manufacturers like Google, Apple, and others, benefiting from the Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. The growth in mobile phone exports, particularly driven by iPhone exports, reflects India’s growing role in the global smartphone production landscape.

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