Thief was run over under a Tractor’s tyre, he doesn’t give up until he makes it

A video is rapidly gaining traction on social media. You must have seen people doing different types of stunts in reels as well as in real life. This viral video is like the same stunt videos but there is something strange in this video. A thief tries to steal a tractor but he himself gets crushed under the tractor. But he still doesn’t accept defeat.

According to online sources, this viral video is from Modasa, Gujarat. In the video, the thief is seen trying to steal the tractor. He turns it on while standing on the road, and he gets frightened, his foot gets caught in the tractor wheel and he gets crushed under the tractor and the large wheel goes right over him. It was fortunate that he did not suffer any serious injuries. It doesn’t end there, though.

The funny thing is that the thief did not give up. He stood up and limped towards the tractor and this time succeeded in driving it away. The video has been shared by Indian Forest Service officer Kaushal Kishore. While sharing the video on the social media platform, he said “First the tractor ran over the thief, yet the thief absconded with the tractor” This shows the tenacity of the thief!

According to reports, the thief entered a showroom located in Modasa and stole a tractor from there. The theft incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the tractor showroom premises.

After the video went viral on social media, netizens are taking a dig at the robber for his ridiculous attempt to rob the tractor. They are making fun of the robber and saying that the robber was crushed by the tractor and still took the tractor. Some people are saying that he could drive only 400 kilometers in five days. One social media user also said that “the machines are retaliating”. Several users have commented, “Full body massage done”. “Nice way to get a free massage”.

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