Influencer was making reels on railway tracks, got run over by fast Train

Nowadays, the craze of making reels on the social media Instagram platform has increased to a great extent among people. For many people, it leads to success; for many, it proves to be extremely fatal. A recent accident has given everyone goosebumps. A young man was making Instagram reels on the railway track but in the blink of an eye, he got hit by a train and died.

The deceased, was a resident of Barabanki. He had gone to a railway track with his friends to make Instagram reels. The 14-year-old was walking on the tracks and attempting to use the moving train as his background. However, the stunt failed and he was thrown into the air due to the impact of the collision. The young man was immediately taken to the nearest hospital but he died.

A viral video shows a young boy’s tragic accident on a railway track due to his carelessness. The incident occurred in Jahangirabad police station area, with the police launching an investigation and sending the body for post-mortem.

The Barabanki railway track tragedy serves as a grim warning about the risks linked to chasing social media stardom. With the rise of platforms like Instagram, people are increasingly eager to display their talents and daring feats in short videos to go viral. While some find fame, this incident underscores the grave outcomes that can result when safety is disregarded.

The 14-year-old victim, in his eagerness to capture an attention-grabbing moment, ignored the inherent risks of filming on active railway tracks. The moving train meant to serve as a backdrop for his reel, turned into a fatal element in this misguided attempt.

The chilling video of the accident, now circulating widely on social media, has triggered shock and outrage among viewers, serving as a grim reminder of the real-world consequences that can arise from reckless behaviour in the pursuit of virtual fame. This tragic incident underscores the need for increased awareness and caution.

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