Zubair posed as Rohit, enters Hindu temple and steals donation money, caught

Hinduism is an important part of Indian civilization, and it is closely associated with temples. Temples are places that are important sources of meditation, peace, and spiritual opportunities for devotees. The people there are full of the spirit of prestige, devotion, and charity. Recently an incident caused great concern in Hindu temples. According to this incident, a Muslim man entered a Hindu temple and stole donation money. This criminal act is not only a symbol of social hatred but also a symbol of violation of religious ideals.

This incident was also recorded in a video, which has gone viral. This video is of the Hanuman temple in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. In the viral video, the culprit gives the reason for committing theft that he had to go to Delhi and hence he needed money. The temple priests can be heard saying, “If you had to go to Delhi, would you steal?” Then they ask the criminal his name, “The criminal tells his name as Rohit but no one believes him so they ask for his identity proof but he denies that he does not have it.”

The priest of the temple takes the criminal’s phone and finds out that his name is not Rohit but Saeed Zubair. When people’s attention went towards the donation box, he was secretly taking out money from the box. When people caught him red-handed and interrogated him, he first told his name as Rohit. Accepting his mistake, he started apologizing and requesting to go there, this is a very heinous crime. Tampering with religious places is not only an action that is punishable by law, but it also violates social and humanitarian values.

According to online sources, the accused is a resident of Bareilly. Currently, he is in the police custody. The accused also revealed his name to the police as Mohammad Zubair. A video of the incident has also surfaced, which is going viral rapidly. At the same time, Hindu organizations have demanded a thorough investigation into this matter.

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