Horrible! Man serves friends his own leg flesh in tacos at a party!

In a strange incident that is hard to imagine, a man served his own leg flesh to his friends. How horrible is this? The US man known by his Reddit name is identified as ‘IncrediblyShinyShart’ served his own amputated (chopped off) leg to ten of his friends.

What’s more shocking is the fact that his friends didn’t even know or doubt what was served. They ate the flesh with friend onions, salt, pepper and lime juice. Well, the man lost his leg in a disastrous motorbike clash and the doctors let the victim keep his amputated leg with himself.

However, the man claimed to have cooked and served his amputated leg to friends at a dinner party. He also posted pictures of his own flesh as an evidence with photo snaps of the supposed dinner meal which followed.

Credits: The Sun

He claims he had his right foot removed by doctors following a motorcycle crash in 2016. Speaking with Vice.com, the Reddit user claims he and 10 friends had on tacos stuffed with human flesh, which was fried quickly with onions and peppers.

He said, “So my friends and I always had this joke. If you could try human flesh in an ethical and healthy way, would you. And we always said of course. Well the opportunity came up and I called them on it.” The Reddit user further added that his chef prepared this dish which was eaten by the friends at a party.

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