Fact Check: Was Pakistan’s biggest fan Basheer Chacha Detained At the Hyderabad Airport For Waving The Pakistani Flag?

Pakistan national cricket team returned to India after seven long years since the 2016 edition of the T20 World Cup. When the Green Shirts arrived in Hyderabad, they were given a warm welcome.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s biggest fan, by the name of Mohammad Bashir, popularly called Bashir Chacha was in attendance to receive the Pakistan cricket team at the airport.

Later, many media outlets reported that Bashir Chacha was detained for questioning by the airport authorities and the security agencies. However, the Pakistan super fan confirmed such an incident never happened.

“I was never detained for questioning in the airport while I was there to receive the Pakistan team. It was just that they asked me not to wave the Pakistan flag due to security issues. They just took my flag and gave it back once the team departed. It was a fantastic welcome, and I am very happy to be here in India for the World Cup,” Bashir told Sportstar in an exclusive interaction.

“I have been a Pakistan fan for so long, and I will travel wherever the Pakistan team is there. There was no such incident of me getting detained, and in fact, the hospitality was really good. The way things are arranged is really amazing, and I want to thank India and Hyderabad for the welcome,” Bashir said.

Pakistan will kick-start their World Cup 2023 campaign against the Netherlands on October 6, Friday at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad.

“I am aware that fans won’t be allowed, but I will try to support the team in all ways, as I have always done before. India is always special; aur yahan ke awaan main badi mohabbat hai (there is love in this country). I respect the decision to not allow fans, but I will try and see if I can be near the stadium if possible just to extend my support,” he said.