Indian guy shocks judges of Asia’s Got Talent with his Math tricks

Have you heard of a human calculator? Meet Yashwin Saravanan who is famous as Human Calculator. On the grand stage of “Asia’s Got Talent 2019,” he mesmerized the audience with his exceptional mathematical prowess, leaving them spellbound.

Asia’s Got Talent is the world’s biggest talent show and has established itself as the region’s most powerful platform to launch aspiring stars. It provides an opportunity to present special unique arts. Through this show, people can showcase their hobbies, skills, and special abilities and people worldwide come to see their performances. Meanwhile, Yashwin Saravanan stunned the judges with his mathematical skills, and they dubbed him the “Human Calculator”.

According to online sources, Yashwin Saravanan was born in Kerala, India and his family later moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is 19 years old (as of 2023). Yashwin started learning speed calculations at the young age of 7 and after many years of hard practice, he got the title of Human Calculator. he wants to prove that maths is actually a very fun and easy thing to do.

During Yashwin’s performance, the judges had shocked looks on their faces. He amazed everyone with his superb mathematical skills. Yashwin’s performance became a watershed moment on the Got Talent stage and made India proud. He showed that the name of Indian youth is bright in mathematics and has immense potential.

Additionally, Yashwin made mathematics a medium of entertainment on the stage of Got Talent. He proved that mathematics could be as important as any other art or hobby. Yashwin Saravanan’s performance showed that mathematics is not just a subject matter, it can also be a unique and entertaining medium, and commitment and hard work are important to master any art.

Yashwin Saravanan’s incredible mathematical talents showcased on Asia’s Got Talent left judges stunned and highlighted the entertainment potential of mathematics. His dedication exemplifies that artistry can extend beyond traditional forms, emphasizing the importance of dedication and hard work in mastering any skill.

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