Muslims shout “Allah o Akbar” after two Muslim youths harass a minor Hindu girl

People of the Muslim community shouted slogans in the name of “Allah o Akbar” in Uttarakhand. These slogans were neither for any celebration nor were raised on the joy of any festival. Rather, they were imposed after a minor Hindu girl was molested by Muslim youths in the Vikasnagar area of Uttarakhand. The video depicting Muslim youth chanting slogans is rapidly gaining traction across social media platforms.

According to the video, a crowd of Muslim youths gathered in one place, shouting loudly “Allahu Akbar.” This incident is from Dhakrani village in Uttarakhand, India. Allegations are being made that Muslim youths harassed a minor Hindu girl. Instead of protesting against this incident, the Muslim youths gathered in one place and started chanting religious slogans.

The atmosphere in Uttarakhand’s Vikasnagar area got heated after the allegation of molestation of a Hindu minor girl by a Muslim community. And without permission, all the people of the Muslim community started shouting slogans. The unauthorized chanting of slogans by the Muslim community further fueled the controversy. The phenomenon of slogan chanting was previously associated with Kashmir and is now being observed in Uttarakhand as well, according to popular sentiment.

Now the question arises, who granted permission to the Muslim community to chant slogans without authorization? This incident took place on Saturday in Dhakrani village of Vikasnagar. This is a very heinous crime, first, do a shameful act and then instead of protesting raise slogans for yourself.

On social media, it is spreading very quickly. A Facebook user named ” Bajrangbali Ke Bhakt” shared this video. Along with this, it is written in the caption, “There is still time to understand, otherwise, it will be like France”. So far more than 40 thousand people have watched this video and more than 2 thousand people have shared it. After watching this video, different reactions of Hindu people are being seen, in which most of the people of the Hindu community are questioning the government of Uttarakhand.

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