New twist in SDM case, Alok claimed he was a Govt officer, but he was a sweeper

Presently, Jyoti Maurya’s infidelity is being discussed everywhere, no one has even heard Jyoti Maurya’s side, so now we know what SDM Jyoti Maurya has to say. Because this case has now taken another new turn.

The ongoing divorce dispute between SDM Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok Maurya has now become a topic of discussion in the country. Jyoti and Alok have made many allegations against each other. Additionally, she was removed as SDM Jyoti Maurya.

However, a new accusation has come forward against Alok Maurya. The wedding card of Jyoti Maurya and Alok Maurya from 2010 has gone viral, which mentions Alok’s name along with the title of Gram Panchayat Officer. When Jyoti Maurya learned about this after their marriage, they had a heated argument. Now, in this matter, both husband and wife have made several accusations against each other.

According to Aaj Tak, during a special conversation with their father, Paras Nath Maurya, it was revealed that SDM Jyoti Maurya’s father, Paras Nath Maurya, said, “During Jyoti’s wedding, the groom (Alok) was informed that Alok Maurya is a Gram Panchayat Officer. And the wedding card was also printed with the groom’s side mentioned. However, today Alok is shouting and saying that he is not a Gram Panchayat Officer but a fourth-grade employee, a sanitation worker. These people have turned out to be big liars.”

He further said, “When the marriage itself is based on lies, can one be expected to live with such a person?” His brother, Ashok Maurya, is also a sanitation worker but appeared to be a teacher on the wedding card. When asked if being a sanitation worker is a crime and if this is the root cause of the dispute, he explained that being a sanitation worker is not the root cause of the dispute. The root cause is why these people lied. Why did they deceive us so much? The department is investigating whether Jyoti Maurya took a bribe or not.

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