110yr old man tells the secret of longevity, he drinks a special drink after breakfast everyday

When we think about the span of our life, a common question emerges, What’s the secret to a long and fulfilling life? This question often arises in our mind, and while looking for the answer, we usually turn around to older people who know some amazing and profound tips. But the secret of this question has been revealed by 110-year-old Vincent Dransfield who lives in New Jersey, America.

Vincent Dransfield celebrated his 110th birthday last month. He is the great-grandfather of seven children. He is one of those amazing people in the world who are living a good life despite being 100 years old. Dransfield used to work in a fire company, and from there he learned the lesson of living a disciplined life. Even at the age of 110, he is so fit, drives his car, lives alone at home, and cleans the upper floors of the three-floor house himself. He claims that cancer, dementia, and diseases like back pain and headache have not occurred to date.

Vincent Dransfield disclosed during the interview, that after leaving school in 5th, I worked in a dairy farm, there producing a lot of milk. I think this habit has strengthened the bones of my body. Dransfield still drinks Ovaltine after breakfast. Ovaltine is a chocolate-flavored drink. He never went to the gym or did any special exercise, he just focused on physical activity and walking.

Dransfield loves Italian food (hamburgers, salads, milk chocolate, and other sweets). He drinks coffee every day and sometimes also drinks beer. He never followed the Blue Zones diet. He has only one mantra, whatever comes to your mind, do it. Whatever you feel like eating, definitely eat it. It keeps you mentally fit. Everything will remain fit for you if you are mentally fit.

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