This Rajasthani family has 185 members, eats 50kg Aata daily and celebrates a bday everyday

There is a video going on social media about such a family which is very shocking as well as surprising. Its video is becoming quite viral and people are also liking it a lot. This is a video of a family in which there are not one, not 10, but 185 people in this family. And all these members live together in the same house. This family also has an income of crores.

According to the video, this family resides in Rajasthan, India. There are 185 members in this family who all live together in the same house. This number is relatively small because if we count the daughters of this house and all the sons-in-law, the count reaches 500-600. There are so many people that whomever they vote for in the elections in their village, that party wins and becomes the village head.

The main member of this family is their grandfather, who studied until the third grade but is considered the head of the family. Despite having traditional beliefs, he has given permission for all the children to acquire an education. In this family, some are pursuing medical studies, while others are studying to become teachers.

Not only that, but some members have completed their education and are working. There are four members who are teachers, and three members are doctors. Their 50 children are also studying, and the daily expenses for them amount to 4 to 5 lakhs. The women of this house, despite being educated, handle all the household chores, such as cooking, taking care of cows and goats, and even farming.

The eldest daughter-in-law of the family is the leader of the women who manage the household expenses, including how much vegetables will be cooked and how much flour will be kneaded. The women of the family state that they consume 50 kilograms of flour, along with 40 kilograms of vegetables, and 40 liters of milk per day. When cooking, they light up 11 stoves at once. In their house, they have 80 motorcycles, 11 tractors, 12 cars, and around 200 animals. They also own several acres of land on which they do farming.

Every other day, there is a family function in their family, such as the birthdays of children or someone’s wedding every six months. Their family is expected to grow even more as three to four women are currently pregnant, as per the information gathered from the video. If any fights or conflicts arise in their village, people come to them instead of going to the village head for a resolution.

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