Today is historical day for animals, world’s most lonely elephant is freed from Pakistani atrocities

There is no doubt that poor animals have been experiencing immense torture by human beings who think he is the only living being to enjoy the resources, freedom and many more on Earth.

Man can do anything tight from rearing a bird or an animal to slaughtering it for his own table purpose. But, he doesn’t realise that animals too deserve freedom and everything they want.

The voiceless creatures end up getting trapped at the hands of the evil humans who are greedy enough to kill them, eat them and make money out of them. This is because the so-called other living beings cannot protest against the killings or the discrimination against them.

Animals like elephants go through severe torture and abuse by their trainers. Despite the fact that elephants are the strongest land animals, they are facing appalling plight across the world and still the world seems to be doing nothing to stop the cruelty.

Kaavan, the world’s loneliest elephant who faced cruelty for more than 30 years at a zoo in Pakistan has now finally reached Cambodia, where he will spend the rest of his life in the company of other elephants.

Thanks to the efforts of singer Cher who first learned of Kaavan’s plight in 2016. “I thought, ‘how can I fix this? How can I save an elephant who’s been shackled to a shed for 17 years and who is a thousand miles away?'” Cher told CNN.

It has been reported that no one cared about the elephant’s lonely fate for years. His wounds became infected and the chains around his legs slowly left permanent scars. He drifted slowly into psychosis and obesity.

Now, with the help of Cher’s efforts, Kaavan has landed in Cambodia after a 10-hour flight, where he will enjoy a new life in a wildlife sanctuary. In recent times, many campaigners voiced their concern and filed petitions, a court in May ordered that Kaavan should be freed from the zoo. Following the orders, the Pakistan government gave its consent to Free The Wild, an animal welfare organisation, to relocate Kaavan to a sanctuary in Cambodia.

Ahead of the relocation, a farewell party was organised in the Marghazar Zoo recently for Kaavan with treats, balloons, and music.

On Monday, the elephant landed in Cambodia, where he received a warm welcome from singer Cher. However, the process of transferring him to an elephant-sized metal crate before the flight was not easy. According to reports, it took several hours of coaxing until he finally agreed to enter the cage.

Four Paws International, a Vienna-based animal charity, has lead the rescue campaign for Kaavan since 2016.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.