This American guy speaks Bhojpuri, his mimicry of Lalu Yadav is winning the hearts of Biharis

Popular YouTuber Andrew Hicks has recently been featured in a viral video on social media. The video shows Andrew speaking fluent Hindi and Bhojpuri, which has caught the attention of many people.

In one of his videos, Andrew can be seen saying, “Jab tak samose mein aloo, tab tak Bihar mein Lalu,” which translates to “As long as there is potato in my samosa, Lalu will lead Bihar.” Andrew proudly reveals, “Despite having a passport from the United States, my heart is in Bihar.”

For those unfamiliar with him, Andrew Hicks documents his travels and culinary experiences in both India and the United States through his videos. He has gained popularity to some extent due to his ability to speak fluent Hindi, although with an accent. In an interview with Brut India, Andrew revealed that his father used to run an export business in India, which led to their relocation to Bihar due to his father’s interest in Madhubani paintings.

He has also expressed a deep fondness for Indian cuisine and reminisced about the delicious samosas that he used to buy from street vendors for just 2 rupees. However, now when he goes to America, he has to pay 500 rupees for the same samosas.

Andrew’s fluent Hindi and Bhojpuri-speaking ability has garnered attention on social media. One user commented, “This guy is more Indian than most of our brothers and sisters.” Andrew Hicks shared that while riding an auto-rickshaw in India, the driver assumed he didn’t know Hindi because he was an American citizen and tried to overcharge him. However, Andrew immediately corrected the fare and calmed the auto-rickshaw driver.

In 2019, Andrew collaborated with Yachen Lee, a YouTuber who gained viral fame for her Korean presence and Bihari Hindi pronunciation. They create videos together and share them on their respective YouTube channels. Andrew has also started teaching his wife Hindi and has documented their progress in several videos.

According to his video interviews, Andrew also has a passion for dancing to the tunes of Indian music and enjoys Bhojpuri songs.

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