User claims that Vande Bharat pulled by Old Engine, Indian railway responds!

Vande Bharat Express is India’s first indigenous semi-high-speed train. It drew plaudits and received positive recognition and appreciation for many reasons. It reduces travel time compared to conventional trains, which enhances efficiency and improves connectivity between major cities.

The high-speed capabilities of the semi-high-speed train help cut down journey durations and increase passenger comfort. Besides that, the luxurious train has comfortable seats, sufficient legroom, and modern interiors.

Moreover, it has spacious and well-designed compartments, with features like overhead reading lights, bio-toilets and mobile charging points for passengers’ convenience.

Not many know that the premium train has superb safety features like Automatic Train Protection (ATP) and Automatic Train Control (ATC) systems, which make safe operations and prevent accidents.

These safety features contribute to a more secure and reliable passenger travel experience. Meanwhile, a viral clip shows an old electric engine by the name of “WAG 9” pulling Vande Bharat express.

“The history of 70 years drags the lies of the last 9 years,” said Allavaru while sharing the video clip on social media. The short clip shows Vande Bharat train as locals who are present there discuss the sight.

“We may take it as a joke, but there’s a scam here. Vande Bharat trains were told to have high speeds, like never before. Now when they are being pulled by the same Congress time engines. How?” wrote a Twitter user.

“Interesting video. The old electric engine launched during the Congress government is pulling the Vande Bharat train,” tweeted one.

Responding to one of these viral clips, the East Central Railway came up with a clarification. “empty coaching rake going for commissioning.”

As far as the Railways are concerned when the train is initially added to the tracks, it is pulled by another engine until its route is found out. Only after the announcement of the route, a train is operated by its loco pilot and crew members.

Besides that, a driver who is only completely familiar with the designated route operates the train during these trials.