They became friends on Facebook, Fake Inspector arrives at Girl’s home to marry her

You will surely remember the songs from Govinda’s film, Tere Pyaar Mein Kya Na Bana Meena. got a chance to see a hero just like that in Bareilly. In the uniform of a police officer, Inspector had reached Bareilly from Lucknow to see the bride for marriage, pretending to be a police officer.

The young man had been talking to the young woman for two months. The young woman is a lawyer by profession. the young man’s lie was exposed after investigation through the training center and the police station. The whole story started on Facebook. In today’s era, whether it is buying groceries or finding a life partner, young people have more trust in social media.

The 26-year-old young woman from Bareilly is a lawyer in the court. She became friends with Satyam Tiwari two months ago. She introduced herself as a police officer. The young woman told him that she is a Brahmin, to which the accused Satyam said that he is also a priest.

They started talking through Messenger. The accused was ready to get married. The young woman agreed to it. The young man told the young woman his name is Satyam Tripathi and that he doesn’t have parents as they died in an accident. He was raised by his maternal uncle.

Both started talking about marriage. Satyam told himself that he is a Sub-Inspector from the 2019 batch and is currently posted at the Hazratganj police station in Lucknow. After this, the young woman got ready for marriage.

The Sub-Inspector kept sending pictures of himself in uniform to the young woman. When she inquired, she found out that there is no Sub-Inspector by that name at the Hazratganj police station. The young woman had some doubts, so she decided to seek help from a known officer to investigate. She asked them to check the details she provided, including the young man’s ID card, to find out if it was real or fake.

She asked the young man how he would react if he gets a notice. What does 164 means? How is a document prepared? Is there any processing for medical? The young man was unable to answer anything. After that, the young woman asked if the training is over now.

It has been a year since the training at the police station was completed. Tell me, how is 3/25 calculated? Upon this, the police officer started to run away, and then the young woman caught him by making a scene. The local police also arrived at the scene, and they took the fake police officer to the police station.

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