Golu records private video of his girlfriend, but later he turns out to be Shahrukh

What is “Love Jihad”? Does Love Jihad only refer to forced religious conversion? If a boy hides his identity, makes explicit videos of a girl, and threatens her, is this not considered Love Jihad?

When the accused himself claims to be involved in Love Jihad, why doesn’t the Delhi Police consider it as such? A viral video from Delhi is circulating on social media in which a female officer of the Delhi Police explains the case but does not label it as Love Jihad.

In the viral video, the lady officer of Delhi Police says, “On 9th June, a complaint is received from a girl. She mentions that in October 2020, she befriended a boy on Instagram who introduced himself as Golu and also claimed to be Hindu.

Their friendship developed well, but after a few days, the girl discovered that the boy’s real name is Shahrukh and he is not Hindu but Muslim. So, the girl wanted to break up, but Shahrukh was not ready for the breakup and wanted to continue the friendship.”

The police filed an FIR in this case, arrested Shahrukh, and the officer also mentions that Shahrukh is accused of making some explicit videos of the Hindu girl and threatening her that he would upload them if she doesn’t comply. According to the police, this is just a threat and no such videos have been viral so far. The police have confiscated Shahrukh’s phone and will investigate it as well.

The boy is a high school graduate, 22 years old, and works as a tailor in Seelampur. However, the police state that there is no angle of forced religious conversion in this case, and it is not considered a Love Jihad matter. Despite the clear evidence, the police are not labelling it as a Love Jihad case. Does Love Jihad only pertain to forced religious conversion? Doesn’t it include making explicit videos of the girl, hiding his identity, and threatening her when the relationship ends? The police investigation is still ongoing.

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