Mia Khalifa explains how P*rn industry brainwashes young girls, film their naked body

In a recent interview with the BBC, former adult film actress Mia Khalifa shared her thoughts on her adult film career and the porn industry. Mia revealed that after a recent interview, many people contacted her to discuss various aspects of the porn industry.

Mia Khalifa was born in Lebanon and was brought up in Maryland. As an immigrant child, she was concerned about fits and struggled with her weight until college life. She sees these years of her life as a period when she did not know her self-worth or give it importance.

While living in Florida, Mia was approached by someone who praised her beauty and discussed modelling opportunities with her. When she visited the Bang Bros studios, she received a shower of compliments, which made her feel validated in a way she had been longing for. The company, known for producing explicit adult films, discussed performing in porn with her and offered her a contract.

In the interview with BBC, while sharing her experiences working in the adult film industry, Mia Khalifa mentioned that people have started reaching out to her after her interviews were published. All her emails are screened by her manager. When she receives such emails, they are filtered and forwarded to Mia. She reads stories of some girls who were sexually exploited and coerced into pornography.

These girls’ lives have been ruined by men, and Mia has taken advantage of their situation. She feels that by discussing these contracts, which she didn’t understand before, she now realizes that she has done the right thing by starting a conversation on this issue. This is what Mia said during her interview with BBC Hardtalk.

She mentioned that some people may be connected to Mia, and she further stated, “I have posted the interviews, and now I am speaking out because others feel the same way. They may not be directly involved in hardcore porn, but they can be associated with a level of unsafety and pressure to do something they shouldn’t.”

After starring in a film where she engaged in sexual activities while wearing a hijab, Mia Khalifa’s fame was sealed in the history of Pornhub, and her secret was no longer her own. Allegedly, she received threats from individuals sympathetic to ISIS, and her private information was shared online (known as doxing).

However, even though Mia had been working in the adult film industry for over three years, she revealed that she still feels a lack of personal life during this time. “I believe that my public persona makes me more susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder. The power of people’s gaze, it feels like they can see through my clothes. And that becomes a cause of great embarrassment for me. It feels like I’ve lost all my rights to privacy, which I did because I’m just one Google search away,” she added.

In reality, Mia Khalifa also mentioned during the show that her family had no prior knowledge of her working in the adult film industry. And when they found out, they did not accept it. This not only made her feel completely isolated from the world but also from her family and the people around her. Especially after her departure, when she was still alone, despite moving forward. And she realized that mistakes cannot be forgiven. However, time mends all wounds, and things are now improving,” she observed. Mia Khalifa has experience working as a paralegal and in the media after quitting the adult film industry.

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