When this sister lost her brother, Indian soldiers ensure she doesn’t miss her brother in the marriage

The enthusiasm, dedication, and unwavering determination of Indian soldiers have always been regarded as exemplary. This very enthusiasm and unparalleled valor inspire them to serve their country.

In a recent heart-warming incident, soldiers assisted in the wedding of a martyr’s sister, showcasing exceptional unity. This story is a unique example of their service and dedication that fills us with pride. The video of this wedding ceremony is widely circulating on social media.

In reality, the video is from the wedding of the sister of a martyred CRPF soldier in Rae Bareli. CRPF members arrived in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh, to take part in Shaheed Shailendra Pratap’s sister’s wedding. The wedding ceremony took place on December 13 at their home in Rae Bareli.

There was a poignant moment during the wedding where CRPF personnel participated in the wedding rituals, treating the sister as their own and escorting the bride to the wedding altar. The CRPF soldiers fulfilled the role of a brother in the wedding and bid farewell to the sister. The video of this event is widely shared on social media.

CRPF soldier Shailendra Pratap Singh was martyred in Jammu and Kashmir in 2020. The absence of Shailendra was deeply felt by all the members of his family at the wedding, but these soldiers and officers fulfilled that absence to a great extent.

When Shailendra Pratap Singh was martyred, his comrades decided to stand by the family in times of joy and sorrow. These soldiers made a commendable effort in fulfilling the role of a brother in their Eastern Brigade. There were tears of both sadness and joy in everyone’s eyes. Sadness because everyone felt the absence of the martyr Shailendra, and joy because these soldiers made an effort to fulfil the absence of their brother.

Shailendra Pratap Singh’s father said that although his son is no longer in this world, he has found new sons in these CRPF soldiers who stand with us in every joy and sorrow.

This incident demonstrates that our soldiers are dedicated to their duties and are devoted to serving their country. Their unparalleled valor is a testament to the fact that our nation is blessed with such great diamonds who remain eager to help their comrades in times of crisis and hold a deep reverence for the soul of the nation.

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