In Modi Rally, somebody throws something suspicious at PM, Commandos grab it before it reaches Modi

The incident of vigilance during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security during a roadshow. Wherever Prime Minister Narendra Modi goes, large crowds gather. Whenever Prime Minister Modi participates in a roadshow, people stand for hours on both sides of the road for kilometers just to catch a glimpse of him.

The Prime Minister, having witnessed this love multiple times, often steps out of his car to acknowledge the greetings. Accompanied by his SPG (Special Protection Group) commandos, Prime Minister Narendra Modi walks on the streets, and people standing at the roadside shower him with flowers. Consequently, there is immense pressure on SPG commandos to ensure the Prime Minister’s security.

SPG commandos must protect Prime Minister Modi without blinking an eye. Now, an incident has come to light during a roadshow where SPG commandos were ensuring the Prime Minister’s security, and they did something that surprised everyone. Prime Minister Modi was conducting a roadshow in Kochi City, Kerala.

During the roadshow, someone from the crowd standing on the roadside suddenly threw something toward Prime Minister Modi, but he continued moving forward. The SPG commandos were highly alert, and they intercepted the object before it could reach Prime Minister Modi. Many people on social media have reported that it was a mobile phone thrown towards Prime Minister Modi.

It is difficult to determine whether this was an intentional act or an accidental occurrence, but it astonished everyone that amid the loud crowd and continuous shower of flowers, SPG commandos intercepted the object approaching Prime Minister Modi.

The SPG commandos remained vigilant, halted the object with their hands, and then discarded it with their feet. As you know, Prime Minister Modi has faced numerous threats in the past. In this situation, this incident could be terrifying, but it also demonstrates the strength of SPG commandos.

In this challenging situation, the incident highlights the unwavering dedication and bravery of the SPG commandos protecting Prime Minister Modi.

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