Ashiqui-2 singer Ankit Tiwari to marry this month, and the bride is……

Who has not heard, if not,  loved the songs of Aashiqui 2? How often did you fall emotional hearing the song “Sun Raha Hai Na Tu”? The singer of the heart-touching song- Ankit Tiwari– is all set to marry a very simple engineering girl on February 23 this year.

He is gonna marry her because his parents arranged the bride for him and they her the best partner for him. Preparations are in full swing at his Kanpur residence and Ankit, who was born in the same city, has been receiving wishes from people in advance.

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Bride Pallavi Shukla was also born in Kanpur- which is famous for Gutakha spitting people. She possesses a mechanical engineering degree and works in Bangalore. She is said to be a very simple girl and her simplicity was something which mesmerized the well-known singer.

Ankit Tiwari was accused of rape in 2013, right after his success of Ashiqui 2 songs. The girl is well aware of his past and present and has no issue with it.

“I am both happy and nervous, don’t know what to do now” Ankit Said.

“We met before things were finalized and I discussed everything with her. She is a very well educated girl and understands things. Her parents were also made aware of everything right from the start. Ab zamaana bahut aage badh chuka hai. Aaj bhi log discussion kar sakte hain, I can’t stop them. What’s important is ki jiske saath mein judne wala hoon, nothing is hidden from her and her family,” says Ankit, “I didn’t need to justify myself to her. She’s a very genuine person and we sorted out things before we said yes,” he adds.