Using two-rupee coin, robbers loot trains on Delhi – West Bengal route

The Indian Railways is continuously progressing. The construction of the world’s tallest railway bridge is underway over the Chenab River in Kashmir. However, what’s surprising is that the Indian Railways, responsible for building this unique bridge, has been unable to stop or identify the criminals who are looting it. These criminals have been robbing trains with the help of just a coin. The Greater Noida Police, along with the RPF (Railway Protection Force) teams, has apprehended a gang involved in looting trains.

These robbers used to change the signal from green to red, causing the train to stop. They would then board the train and carry out the robbery. So far, these individuals have looted at least six trains. Rajan Kumar (22 years old) and Dinesh Kumar (23 years old) are considered part of a four-member gang, while the other two members are still at large.

This is not the first time that a similar strategy has been applied. Earlier this year, the robbers used a one-rupee coin to stop a Rajdhani Express train near the UP-Bihar border. A circuit is created near the railway signal using pieces of insulated material (like rubber) placed between two metal pieces, which can turn the signal green or red. However, when a coin is placed, it acts as a conductor and does not break the circuit, causing the signal to turn red again.

A spokesperson from the Northern Railways stated that the railway system cannot be so weak that a gang can manipulate signals using just coins. “We think that in order to modify the signals, the suspects must have tampered with cables and wiring. We will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.”

Amit Kumar Srivastava, Circle Officer of Greater Noida Police, mentioned that they received complaints of robbery and theft in trains between Bodaki and Dadri stations. Srivastava further added that the police have identified sensitive locations between both stations and installed CCTV cameras there.

On the night of October 26, Rajan Kumar was captured by a camera near the tracks. He was seen talking on the phone and placing two coins swiftly on a section of the railway track. He also had a homemade revolver with him. Sumit (25 years old) and Robin (24 years old), who are currently on the run, stopped a train that day and looted valuable goods from the passengers.

ARPF (Assistant Railway Protection Force) Inspector RB Singh from Dadri stated that after the robbery, the police scanned the relevant footage, formed teams, and initiated an investigation. During the robbery, the police also examined the dump data of the mobile phone in use. Finally, with the joint efforts of the Surajpur Police and the ARPF team, Rajan and Dinesh were apprehended from the Tilpata Golchakkar area in Greater Noida.

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